The AO Team

The Association Online team is dedicated to providing the real estate industry with excellent service, industry expertise, and timeliness. Our team is dedicated to you and your needs. 



Mike Schwab
Founder & CEO

Mike Schwab is a former pig farmer turned successful entrepreneur and HOA expert. He is the direct 3x Great Grandson of Cyrus Harris, the first Governor of the Chickasaw Nation.

Mike has embodied Cyrus Harris’ leadership, drive, and vision throughout his creation and continued leadership as the acting CEO of Association Online. Through this leadership, drive, and vision, Mike has transformed how the real estate industry and HOAs work together.  

Mike leads the team at Association Online with transparency, timeliness, and strategy to help his team and customers better navigate the world of HOAs.

His vision to bring transparency to the entire HOA process has come to light with the support of his wife and COO, Jerie Schwab, and the team of experts that make up Association Online.

Jerie Schwab

Jerie is a CPA and received her Bachelor’s degree in Finance from West Texas A&M. She later went on to receive her MBA from Colorado State University after being in the finance world for 10 years. Jerie has worked in several areas of business finance and was the CFO for Koch Industries and consulted as a CFO for established, development stage, and pre-IPO companies. She is currently Association Online's acting Chief Operating and Chief Financial Officer. 

Jerie started her career in agribusiness, biotechnology, and Internet B2B industries before honing her real estate and HOA skills. She made the leap to real estate alongside her husband, Mike Schwab, CEO of Association Online (AO). Together, they went from managing 1 HOA property to creating AO, a successful and thriving HOA document and servicing company. 

Jerie has always had a passion for entrepreneurial enterprises and endeavors, which empowers her to address challenges head-on with fresh and innovative solutions for her team and AO customers. She enjoys strategically evaluating acquisitions/divestitures as well as aiding ongoing business enterprises in simplifying their operational efficiencies.

Ruth Winder
Director of Operations

Ruth Winder joined Association Online in 2011 and continues to manage the busy title side of the business with enthusiasm and expertise. 

Ruth’s 17 years of industry experience in the title and lending industry has proven to be invaluable to Association Online’s clients. Her ability to navigate the homeowner’s association landscape guides the work of many title, mortgage, and property management companies in closing transactions across the country.

Tera Foechterle
Director of Operations

Tera Foechterle joined Association Online in 2018 and initially worked in our HOA Account Maintenance Department. In 2019 when the Colorado Real Estate Commission significantly updated its contract requirements, Tera was promoted to head our Colorado Department, which assists title companies, real estate agents, and homeowners in navigating the requirements necessary to sell a property.

Tera has a strong customer service and management background, which shines through her exceptional work with and for AO clients. She is a Colorado native and has two children, Sage and Aspen, with her husband of 21 years, Shawn.

Russ Anderson
Director of IT

Russ Anderson joined Association Online in 2021, where he launched an onsite IT department and developed new standards for using technology to drive the company.

Russ has over 27 years of technology experience and training in true customer service, which has become an integral part of the company’s mission statement to GIVE. His ability to encourage and be positive in all situations allows AO’s employees to grow in the fast-moving industry we are in. As the company begins growing, Russ will continue to provide the vision and execute the plan needed to stay on the cutting edge of technology.

Scott Powell
Director of Employee Success

Scott Powell joined Association Online in 2021 in the HOA Maintenance department and was eventually promoted to the Director of Employee Success.

Scott has worked in a variety of settings over the last 25 years in multicultural environments, teaching, training, and mentoring people of all ages. In addition to his HR responsibilities, Scott serves as our staff pastor and provides a valuable benefit of employee coaching.

Tracy Horst
Accounting Department Manager

Tracy Horst is the Accounting Supervisor and has been with AO since its inception.

Tracy is a Colorado State University alumni and has a degree in accounting, which has empowered her with many years of experience in the field. Along with supervising AO's accounting, she processes payroll, helps with HR, and any other task thrown her way. In her free time, Tracy likes to spend time with her three kids and her husband getting outside and doing something active.

Shawnna Dick
Business Development Manager

Shawnna Dick joined Association Online in 2019, eager to utilize her knowledge and background from a career as a real estate agent. She is dedicated to helping AO’s clients streamline and enhance their current HOA operations.

In 2021 Shawnna was promoted to Business Development Manager due to her strong customer service, marketing, and management background. Shawnna loves connecting and meeting members of the real estate industry. Her favorite part of her job is being able to show how easy it is to save money and time by utilizing Association Online.

Sabra Jolley
HOA Servicing Department Manager

Sabra Jolley joined Association Online in 2018 and is the manager of the HOA SFR Account Maintenance department. Sabra has enjoyed working in parts of the Real Estate Industry since 2015. She is dedicated to being detailed, proactive, and responsive.

Sabra grew up in a small town in Northeastern Colorado and was taught how important it is to be loyal and serve your community. Thanks to those strong values, she's able to provide superior service to Association Online’s SFR customers.

Kallyn Hunter
Research Department Manager

Kallyn Hunter joined Association Online in 2015, initially working as the MLC Department Head. Her paralegal background and knack for investigating eventually led her to become head of the Research Department.

Kallyn has helped expand the HOA database to become one of the best and most robust HOA databases in the country. She takes pride in delivering HOA manager and board information with a 99.9% accuracy rate,. She is constantly finding new methods to obtain information that helps her stay ahead of the fast-moving real estate market. 

When she is not researching HOAs, she can be found in a field or on a trail ride with her horse and her adventure-loving Pomeranian.

Kady Ramsay
National Department Manager

Kady Ramsay joined Association Online in April 2015. During her time with AO, she has led the charge in making our our National Department an industry leader for HOA Documents. 

She is extremely dedicated to creating specialized and detailed services for each individual client's needs and is continuously developing new efficiency processes for both large bulk investor transactions and traditional sales. Kady's customer service and attention to detail are exceptional, as she strives to be viewed as a fundamental and essential partner to our clients. 

She has built strong relationships with each customer to ensure working with her team is always easy and enjoyable. The Association Online vision is evident in the smallest details of her team's role.

Interested in joining the AO team?

We do not currently have any open positions. However, if you are interested in future opportunities, please submit your resume and cover letter, and we will be in touch if a role becomes available that matches your skills and experiences.

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