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HOA Locator Services

Need help finding an HOA? We can help you find your HOA and get the appropriate contact information.

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Estoppel / Payoff

Includes all closing documents for sale with our guarantee that the documents meet state requirements.

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HOA Documents

We can provide you with homeowner association disclosures, as required by state law, as well as customized reports to suit your specific information needs.

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Municipal Lien Certificate

Includes utility provider, contact information, if there is a balance and/or a lien, and instructions to resolve. Available for residential, commercial, and vacant lots.

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Condo Questionnaires

We work directly with you to ensure you get what you need in a timely fashion. We satisfy all underwriting questions, ensuring you receive full explanation, and can address approval hurdles, assisting the HOA in making procedural or operational changes to satisfy requirements.

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HOA Servicing

Includes monitoring of property status, management of HOA communications, on-time dues payments, and resolved violations.

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HOA & Manager Subscription

Includes platform to store documents, post events, create and track violations, send group emails, and respond to requests for questionnaires and status letters.

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FHA Condo Approval

Don't know if or when your condos need FHA approval? We’ll review your FHA status FREE of charge and notify you when your association approaches certification deadlines.

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Government Agency Contracts

Allow us to support your current government contract or choose the areas where our service best complements your existing processes.

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Find & Order State-Specific HOA Documents

Select your state and order the documents you need

Find your state from our dropdown and order the HOA-related documents you need.

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