Benefits of Subscription

A website for your HOA, where residents and board members can view your community's important documents 24/7/365. Secure logins allow for private access for your homeowners and board members only. Security levels protect confidential information. Post meeting notices and send emails to all your residents from one central location.

Respond to requests for status letter and questionnaires from real estate professionals with ease. Secure, online access and automated forms make each report quick and easy to complete. Alerts notify you when a property-specific report is requested.

HOA tools included in the subscription:

  • View all your HOAs in one location
  • Upload documents, giving them a display name, date, and assigning a category. You can view, sort, and edit uploaded documents, or mark a document as viewable to Board Members only.
  • Post events such as upcoming meetings, and documents related to events, such as the agenda. They will drop off of the site when the event date has expired.
  • Create notifications and manage the status of covenant violations; create Violation Templates that allow you to prepare quick violation letters that are consistent and assuredly match your association’s violation policies.
  • Send out group emails to homeowners.
  • Post links of interest to homeowners, such as your city’s website.
  • Update association information, creating a quick-look report of association specifics for homeowners.
  • Respond to title companies’ requests for Status Letters / estoppels, electronically.
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