SFR HOA Servicing


How AO Helps SFRs

Collaborative, professional, fast, and accurate.

AO gives clients security in knowing their assets are protected by mitigating unforeseen HOA risks in the investment buying process. With our team's extensive industry knowledge, expertise, and credibility in a volatile industry, you can rest assured your most valuable assets are in trustworthy hands.

We provide custom HOA services to SFRs that significantly reduce risk, protect current and future investments, and ensure security in uncertain markets. You will be paired with a dedicated team of experts to support, research, and handle all of your HOA needs nationwide.

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HOA Servicing

Comprehensive, thorough, and timely.

The AO team is dedicated to handling all HOA accounts from purchase to post-sale. We customize services that meet your specific wants and needs while giving you access to an easy-to-use online portal that keeps your data organized, updated, and secure. AO believes in collaboration when deciding what documents and services you need and how you view and access your portal. AO's portal is designed to give you a clear yet detailed view of your investment portfolio.


Fee & Violation Management

Reduce risk & protect your investment.

AO helps you see and understand exactly where fees are occurring in an organized way to better understand where and what needs to be addressed. AO provides management of fees and violations in an organized and efficient manner to track and ensure all fees are paid on time. Our team tracks and analyzes nationwide trends to help you reduce risks, avoid potential liens, and minimize cost.


Call, Email, & Mail Mangement

Increase operational efficiency & streamline processes.

AO receives, manages, and organizes all mail and email correspondence pertaining to each HOA. Our team triages emergencies and provides you with the proper contact and information needed to reduce legal risk and unnecessary fees. This approach also helps to build rapport with both the tenant and HOA. We post all communications to our AO portal so that you can take immediate action and/or alert the appropriate party.


Payment of Assessments

Ensure your payments are processed & on time.

AO handles all of the recurring assessment payments and ensures all payments are processed and submitted on time. Our team notates each payment, as well as the receipt from HOA to reduce late fees and missed payments. Our detailed notations and diligence in staying up-to-date with changing payment instructions ensure checks are not returned causing unnecessary late fees or incorrect payment amounts made. 


Due Diligence

Your HOA partner who will go the extra mile to protect your investment.

AO provides a run-down of a home’s HOA(s) before you buy. We review the governing documents and provide a  Property Information Report (PIR)  that contains a full overview of the home's HOA profile. Once you have closed on your property, we do the constant work and diligence it takes to ensure your data is current and fresh with each HOA. Our diligence and attention to detail help to mitigate risks that may come about due to amendments, increases in rental fees, and updates or changes in rules


You and your team are a God send to me and BCHH! We would be lost without you!

Jeff Kirkwood Bulk HOA Specialist | BCHH

Our Expertise 

Association Online  knows that your investment is important and our team is here to ensure you get the best return on your property while managing all aspects of your HOA property needs.

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Risk Reduction

AO reduces risk for SFRs by providing operational support and customized portfolio analytics ultimately reducing fees and fines. 

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Customer Service

AO provides a dedicated team of experts to assist with all of your needs, questions, and concerns surrounding your HOA portfolio.


Years of Experience

Over a decade of experience in HOA management, reporting, and analysis.


Homes Managed

Tens of thousands of HOA homes managed monthly.