Before Closing

Get the HOA run-down before you decide to close on a portfolio of homes. We’ll review the governing document and provide you with a Property Information Report (PIR) that contains a full overview of the HOA value on the home, including:

  • Dues
  • HOA Contact information
  • Special Assessments
  • Rental Restrictions
  • Access information (Gate Codes, etc.)
  • Review the Governing Documents

After Closing

Let us handle your HOA accounts within your investment portfolios after closing. 

  • We’ll review the governing documents
  • We’ll manage accounting and pay dues
  • We’ll store the documents where you can always find them
  • We’ll maintain correspondence with the HOA, handle the mail and email.
  • We’ll alert you of important updates and news
  • We’ll track covenant violations and notify you of actions required
  • We’ll be the contact for the property, on your behalf
Sorting Mail

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