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Requestors seeking an HOA estoppel can request the report, and receive updates and the completed product to their email. Include additional email addresses, add notes to the file, ask for an update all from one location.

HOA managers and board members fulfilling HOA estoppel requests can do so quickly through our automated software. Email notification alert of new requests, and general HOA information automatically populates to the report. Simply fill out the property specific information and click “Send”!

Included with the HOA estoppel:

  • Complete summary of transfer fees, late fees, HOA dues, and special assessments
  • All related HOA information and HOA estoppel for each
  • All covenant violations and resulting fees or confirmed compliance

Available with the HOA estoppel:

  • All other required HOA documents
  • All costs carried to closing, if it closes
  • HOA estoppel refund acquired should the closing fall (not available in all states)


What is an HOA estoppel?

An HOA estoppel is a document provided by the HOA that provides the statement of accounts for that property. It includes any unpaid balances, covenant violations and resulting fines, names of related HOAs, dues and frequency, and payment address.

What are Related HOAs?

Related HOAs refer to additional associations to which your property may also pay dues. This might be a sub association, master association, clubhouse association, recreational association, landscape association, etc. In Colorado, Association Online has found as many as four associations for a single property. It’s important to find out what associations your property is with so you don’t fall delinquent with any.

Why do I need an HOA estoppel?

An HOA estoppel is required at closing so that the seller’s account with the HOA can be paid and closed before new residents move into the property. A welcome letter and the HOA’s other governing documents often accompany the estoppel, so the new owner can quickly get their account set up with the HOA. In some states, the governing document package is also a requirement at closing.

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Requirements are state-specific

An estoppel goes by many different names, including status letter, resale certificate, and statement of accounts, and each state has different requirements for closing. Check your state page for specific information.

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