HOA Documents, Estoppels, & Closing Statements


How AO Helps Title Companies

Trust Association Online to provide fast, accurate, and cost-effective HOA documentation.

AO is the industry’s trusted partner that offers efficiency, timeliness, and accuracy in the title process. Companies can reduce losses and costs, and alleviate risky upfront expenses while sticking to tight deadlines.

AO seamlessly delivers Title Companies the HOA documents they need to close transactions on time with no surprises. AO eliminates risk and delivers accurate data with trust and efficiency.

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Download our comprehensive guide of the top 5 HOA best practices for Title Companies. 




HOA Documents

Fast, accurate, and cost-effective HOA documents.

Obtain the necessary HOA documentation required to close, while sticking to tight timeline demands. Association Online delivers required documents in a speedy and cost-effective manner, to ensure contract compliance. 


Estoppels/Status Letters

Comprehensive, specific, and timely.

Ensure you have all necessary closing letters and state-required closing information on time from all relevant associations, and municipal districts tied to your property.


Standardized Closing Statements

Simplified, accurate, and timely.

AO delivers a standardized summary of all estoppels/status letters with each association-prepared closing statement. AO's summary report simplifies the varying process of complex data provided by managers to reduce title errors and provide a helpful HOA closing overview for the buyer and seller.


Above and beyond every time with an incredible amount of professionalism and kindness!

Julianna TwoBears Processor | Guardian Title Agency, LLC

Our Expertise 

Association Online knows that each closing matters and the importance of deadlines. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing excellent service to ensure smooth and timely closing for each and every transaction.


Years of Experience

Over a decade of experience working with title companies to provide top-notch document services. 


Estoppels Provided

Hundreds of thousands of status letters/estoppels provided to title companies ensuring on-time closings with no surprises.

Companies Served

Thousands of title offices served nationwide. 

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Fees & Costs

AO knows the risk that title companies take on when servicing a deal, and it is our mission to provide honest, transparent, and reasonable fees for all of your HOA document needs.