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How AO Helps Lenders

Trust Association Online with your HOA and condo needs.

Association Online gives mortgage lenders the ability to close more loans on time with precision and ease. AO provides lenders with industry-specific HOA documents and condo questionnaires in a simplified, accurate, and efficient manner.

Our team's attention to detail, document completion, customization options, and industry knowledge ensures lenders can close more loans and obtain underwriting approval faster. AO is the one central location for lenders to obtain all necessary HOA documentation and/or condo questionnaires to ensure a seamless closing and underwriting process.

The Top 10 Things to Review on a Condo Questionnaire


Download the ultimate hit list of the top 10 things to review on a condo questionnaire to get cleared to close faster.



Condo Questionnaires

Fast, accurate, and complete.

With AO’s comprehensive condo questionnaires, mortgage lenders can reduce the number of special forms, manually faxed documents, and repetitive requests, while avoiding unwanted underwriting conditions. AO ensures lenders' customized questionnaires are completed and delivered in a timely manner while sticking to tight deadlines.



HOA Documentation

Fast, accurate, & cost-effective HOA documents.

Lenders can find comfort in knowing that all of the required documents needed for all HOA transactions are obtained and delivered in a speedy and cost-effective manner. AO ensures lenders have the most current HOA budgets and insurance certificates that meet specific underwriting guidelines.  



Underwriting Support

Collaborative. Timely. Accurate.

The AO team helps underwriters troubleshoot specific and technical HOA questions should they arise. Conversely, AO works with the HOA to better serve the needs of the underwriter. With the support of AO, lenders can ensure more home loan closings.



Thank you for all your help! I TRULY, TRULY appreciate it.

Kristin Kuepper Landreman Loan Officer Support | PrimeLending

Our Expertise 

Association Online knows the importance and gravity of each mortgage closing and ensures each order is serviced with urgency and precision.  Our team of experts is dedicated to providing excellent service that ensures a smooth and timely closing for each and every transaction.


Years of Experience

AO has almost two decades of experience working with mortgage lenders and has provided hundreds of thousands of accurate, timely, and customized documents that get the deal closed FAST! 



Questionnaires Provided

AO has provided tens of thousands of accurate, complete, and timely condo questionnaire packages that meet all underwriting guidelines and conditions.




Deadlines & Rush Orders

AO has a 98% success rate in meeting tight document deadlines to ensure lenders have more successful, on-time closings. 
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Increased Closings

AO has increased the percentage of successfully underwritten loans by 5% and decreased the loan failure rate by 10%.