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How AO Helps Realtors & Real Estate Companies

Increased referrals and expert HOA insight.

AO gives realtors the ability to increase client loyalty by utilizing our HOA expertise, enabling realtors to provide transparent and accurate HOA documentation and information. Our attention to detail and industry knowledge gives realtors the assurance of collecting all pertinent and accurate documentation throughout the homebuying journey. 

AO provides realtors with accurate and timely HOA documentation and any other necessary HOA information that saves time, reduces risk, increases client loyalty, and protects against undisclosed fees.

Top HOA Tips for Buyers & Sellers


Download the top tips both buyers and sellers must do when buying or selling a home in an HOA.  




HOA Listing Information

Fast, accurate, and transparent.

AO provides realtors with all pertinent HOA information, ultimately empowering realtors to be HOA experts in the eyes of their clients. With our Community Lens partnership, realtors are able to gain access to detailed HOA information and data. 


HOA Documentation

Specific and comprehensive.

AO provides all of the state-specific documentation needed for home closings in a fast, accurate, and customized package. Our documentation package is state-compliant, ultimately removing the HOA legal risk for the home seller and realtor. 


Estoppels/Status Letters

Cost-effective, timely, and thorough.

Ensure all  HOA estoppels/status letters are requested, and all HOAs have been located and addressed in a timely and cost-effective manner, ultimately reducing rush fees and surprises.  


You earned a customer for life. I will be 100% sure to not only utilize Association Online Services exclusively in the future but happily refer anyone in need of them. 5 star!

Eric Spedding Realtor | Suncoast Group Realtors, LLC

Our Expertise 

Association Online knows that each closing matters, and we are dedicated to ensuring all parties feel confident and informed about HOA details and information associated with their properties. Our team strives to make each closing smooth, timely, and devoid of surprises. 


Years of Experience

AO has nearly two decades' worth of experience in the real estate industry with hundreds of thousands of transactions serviced. 


HOA Docs & Info

AO is the nation's leading HOA expert and we are known for our honesty, transparency, and timeliness which is delivered within every HOA transaction. 


Companies Served

Hundreds of real estate companies served nationwide. 


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Fees & Costs

AO provides honest, fair, and reasonable fees for all of your HOA document needs.