Lender Questionnaire reporting has become quite complex as lending requirements have changed over recent years. Various lenders and loan types often require different disclosures, and the reporting is lengthy. Each lender has company specific questions, and government agencies (FHA, FNMA, Freddie, VA) include their own requirements. Often-changing requirements, long forms and the paper-based approach make reporting confusing and difficult. The process is cumbersome for all parties, while the result is critical to the real estate transaction. 

Managers Save Time: Eliminate special forms, faxed documents and multiple repetitive requests for additional information. Our knowledge system captures all the disclosure data; our online semi-automated process provides efficiency with control. Quickly review and update the data items that change often, and deliver your report in a click. Association Online will ensure the lender gets everything they need and in the format they require.

Lenders Improve Underwriting Success: We work directly with you to ensure you get what you need in a timely fashion. We satisfy all underwriting questions, ensuring you receive full explanation, and can address approval hurdles, assisting the HOA in making procedural or operational changes to satisfy requirements.

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