Community Give

Mission: AO is a company created to Give.

Vision: Give the Real Estate Industry transparent, accurate, and timely HOA and MLC Services. 


G - Give back, give respect, give honor

I - Interact with honesty and lawfulness always

V - Value the customer, your team and yourself

E- Excel in your work and your attitude 

Our Values

The founders of the company have established and operate the business according to a high standard of values. They believe strongly that true and lasting success, in business and in life, is only achieved within the parameters of high moral values and ethics. With this in mind, the following outlines the values of the Company.  


Lawfulness and Integrity

Perform all business affairs, both internally and externally, in accordance with the law, always conducting oneself with integrity, displaying honesty and trustworthiness.

Honor and Respect 

Treat all persons in all situations with honor and respect, allowing others to maintain their dignity and always making opportunity for others to save face.

Give Back 

Practice generosity by giving back from the abundance of which we have been given, seizing opportunities to give our time, assistance, knowledge, and other resources.

Team Orientation

Engage in all work with team spirit, operate with humility, value each person’s individual talents, and foster a cohesive environment where everyone can contribute their best


Customer Focus

Being ever‐ready to respond to a customer’s needs with a proactive “yes”, instilling assurance that we can help, and delivering with the intent to exceed expectations, purposing to be viewed as a valued partner, instrumental to their business’ success.

Standard of Quality and Professionalism

Create and deliver all products, perform all duties, and handle all communication with a professional tone and presentation, always adhering to company guidelines and diligently following company processes to the best of your ability.

Open and Honest Communication

Approach all situations with open and honest communication, quickly addressing issues with clarity, directness, and sensitivity, proactively producing and maintaining a peaceable environment for everyone.

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We started as an HOA management company

From 1 HOA to 42, AO grew in the span of two years! Seeing the need for a bridge between the real estate world and the HOA world, AO transitioned to become the company that every genre of the housing industry needs. Whether you’re looking for closing documents, HOA document housing, or Homeowner Consumer Protection, we are here to help.