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Association Online takes pride in serving the real estate industry with care, expertise, honesty, and integrity. 

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Our Story

Our Story

After growing from 1 HOA to 42, AO noticed there was a large gap between the real estate world and the HOA world. Not long after this realization, AO transitioned from HOA management to providing HOA services, information, and documentation to the real estate industry.

With decades of HOA expertise and knowledge, AO has built a mission-driven team dedicated to serving the real estate industry with honesty and clarity.


Members of your team are true standouts and go above and beyond every time with incredible amounts of professionalism and kindness.

Julianna TwoBears Processor | Guardian Title Agency, LLC


Mike Schwab
Founder & CEO

Mike Schwab is a former pig farmer turned successful entrepreneur and HOA expert. He is the direct 3x Great Grandson of Cyrus Harris, the first Governor of the Chickasaw Nation.

Mike has embodied Cyrus Harris’ leadership, drive, and vision throughout his creation and continued leadership as the acting CEO of Association Online. Through this leadership, drive, and vision, Mike has transformed how the real estate industry and HOAs work together.  

Mike leads the team at Association Online with transparency, timeliness, and strategy to help his team and customers better navigate the world of HOAs.

His vision to bring transparency to the entire HOA process has come to light with the support of his wife and COO, Jerie Schwab, and the team of experts that make up Association Online.

Jerie Schwab

Jerie is a CPA and received her Bachelor’s degree in Finance from West Texas A&M. She later went on to receive her MBA from Colorado State University after being in the finance world for 10 years. Jerie has worked in several areas of business finance and was the CFO for Koch Industries and consulted as a CFO for established, development stage, and pre-IPO companies. She is currently Association Online's acting Chief Operating and Chief Financial Officer. 

Jerie started her career in agribusiness, biotechnology, and Internet B2B industries before honing her real estate and HOA skills. She made the leap to real estate alongside her husband, Mike Schwab, CEO of Association Online (AO). Together, they went from managing 1 HOA property to creating AO, a successful and thriving HOA document and servicing company. 

Jerie has always had a passion for entrepreneurial enterprises and endeavors, which empowers her to address challenges head-on with fresh and innovative solutions for her team and AO customers. She enjoys strategically evaluating acquisitions/divestitures as well as aiding ongoing business enterprises in simplifying their operational efficiencies.

The AO Team
HOA Industry Experts

The entire team at AO is dedicated to providing expert service backed by industry knowledge, accuracy, and timely HOA documents and services.



Give Back. Give Respect. Give Honor.


Interact with Honesty & Lawfulness.


Value the Customer, Your Team, & Yourself.


Excel in Your Work & Your Attitude .

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