Timeliness and efficiency are key to every step of the field servicer's and asset manager's responsibilities. Obtaining accurate property information in quick fashion aids in the efficiency of returning the property to the market and eliminates the mounting fees that can be accruing through a delinquency process.

  • Locate the HOAs related to the appraising property.
  • Don’t need an entire lender questionnaire? Request only your specific questions; we will get you the answers.
  • Locates HOAs quickly, or confirms there is no HOA.
  • Obtains HOA account ledgers, utility balances, and payoff details of other title-encumbrances.
  • Updates account contact to ensure proper activity notification.
  • Obtains liens, violation notices, and other governance support to validate charges.
  • Predetermines property entry constraints (security gates, locked premises) to ensure accessibility.

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