Want a smooth closing transaction? A municipal lien search can prevent problems in the transfer of a residential or commercial real estate title. We specialize in the research and reporting of unrecorded liabilities by identifying all outstanding financial obligations that have the potential to become a lien against a property.

Our team works to identify all outstanding residential and commercial property debt so you are assured of complete disclosure and can attend to the required resolution as quickly as possible for a seamless transaction closing. We stand behind our results in assisting our clients with post-closing and title lien curative issues. Our services are covered by a $1,000,000 E & O insurance policy.

Each report comes with the supporting documentation and lienholder information (payoff requirements and procedures) you need to resolve all issues before sale.

In a hurry? We can rush reports at no additional cost. Your emergency is our emergency.

Need to customize reports to meet your client's specific requests? We routinely tailor our reports to accommodate every client's needs.

Our Municipal Lien Certificate includes:

  • Identification and status of all utilities (water/sewer/storm water/ solid waste/natural gas/electric service)
  • Code violations
  • Open/expired permits

Available Add-ons:

  • Property tax certificate
  • Special assessments
  • Payoff demands/account ledgers/W-9s
  • Fire certificates

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What is a property lien? Why do I need a municipal lien search?

A property lien is a legal claim on your property that allows the lienholder to obtain access to your property if your debts are not paid. Municipal liens are unrecorded and do not show up on a title search. These debts are the responsibility of the property owner, but if they are not resolved before transfer of ownership in sale, will become the responsibility of any future owner until resolved. Our municipal lien certificate identifies all debts related to a property with the potential to become a lien, so the property can be cleared of any outstanding financial liabilities.

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