Each management company in Texas has its own processes for providing information. Let us handle them — you get the information you need from our one-stop shop.

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There are many upfront fees for getting documents in Texas. We handle the payments and carry those fees to close!

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Locate Texas HOAs & Obtain HOA Documents

Need help locating homeowners’ associations in the state of Texas? Association Online specializes in the research of homeowners’ associations in all 50 states. Simply provide our team with a property address or the name of the HOA and within 5–7 day business days, we will provide details, including contact information, for the relevant homeowners’ associations, community associations, condo associations, etc. We can even confirm if one doesn’t exist. We also include all HOA-related documentation, such as:

  • TREC Forms

  • Resale Certificates

  • Special Assessments Liabilities

  • Liens

  • Foreclosure Proceedings

  • And more

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Texas HOA Documents

Texas Resale Certificate

In Texas, the HOA is required to provide a closing document known as a TREC Form or Resale Certificate. Create a free account with Association Online and request assistance, and we will provide the closing forms you need.

Learn about Texas Certificates of Resale

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Texas HOA Locator

Locate HOAs in Texas and confirm if your property, or portfolio of properties, belongs to one or several. Provide the HOA name or property address and Association Online can accurately locate all homeowners’ associations related to the property or confirm that none exist. Create a free account to get started.

We do not provide HOA contact information to marketing/advertising companies

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HOA Contact Reports

Get the contact information for any HOA in the state of Texas, or obtain a full property profile including payoff ledgers with our HOA contact reports. We can customize the report to meet your specific needs and guarantee that all the information in the report is accurate as provided by the association, and reflects the most up-to-date information. Create a free account with Association Online to get started.

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Lenders, title companies, real estate agents, REO servicers, investors, field service managers, asset managers — all find the HOA information they need in the format they require. We can obtain full CIC disclosure packages (bylaws, covenants, financial statements, meeting minutes, etc.) or just the statements you need. We will acquire Resale Certificates and Condo Questionnaires — as provided by the community or in the requested format.

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Locate HOAs & Obtain Information on Residing Properties

Find out what HOA your property belongs to and get the appropriate reports and contact information you need.

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