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Need help locating homeowners’ associations in the state of Florida? Association Online specializes in the research of homeowners’ associations in all 50 states. Simply provide our team with an address and we will provide details, including contact information, for the relevant homeowners’ associations, community associations, condo associations, etc. We can even confirm if one doesn’t exist. We also include all HOA-related documentation, such as:

  • Estoppels

  • Liens

  • Foreclosure Proceedings

  • And more

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In Florida, estoppel is a required closing document provided by your title company. An estoppel is a statement of account between an HOA and a specific property within that HOA. Without this document, you could have large unpaid balances or accruing fees, and interest that could quickly lead to foreclosure proceedings on your home. Create a free account with Association Online and we’ll locate any potential estoppel liabilities, whether you're in Miami-Dade, Orange, or Leon County we’ll be able to find it.

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Florida ranks first in the top five states with the highest balances from unrecorded liens on utilities, codes & permits, and taxes. Checking to see if a property has any liens from the aforementioned areas is important for title companies to know, or a claim can be made by the buyer against the closing.

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There are over 48,000 HOAs in the state of Florida with each having an average of 197 residents living within them. Trying to determine if a particular home belongs to one of these 48,000 HOAs can be a time-consuming process. With just a street address, we can identify if a property or properties belong to an HOA and provide you with accurate contact information.

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Lenders, title companies, real estate agents, REO servicers, investors, field service managers, asset managers — all find the HOA information they need in the format they require. We can obtain full CIC disclosure packages (bylaws, covenants, financial statements, meeting minutes, etc.) or just the statements you need. We will acquire Resale Certificates and Condo Questionnaires — as provided by the community or in your requested format.

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