FHA Certification is achieved through the condominium approval process known as HUD Review and Approval Process (HRAP). We work with property managers, mortgage lenders, real estate agents, boards of directors and homeowners nationwide to meet each community's unique needs. Attorney verification is no longer required under FHA regulations. Take advantage of our FREE approval screening to determine your condominium’s current position for certification. Don't know if or when your condos need FHA approval? We’ll review your FHA status FREE of charge and notify you when your association approaches certification deadlines.

    • We can handle all the data and document gathering—from start to finish.
    • We are very affordable by comparison and offer quantity discounts.
    • We perform all of the research necessary to ensure your submittal is complete and accurate.
    • We can guide you through a renewal.
    • We can assist properties that have been denied approval by identifying the changes necessary to qualify. 

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