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Texas HOA laws require a resale certificate for real estate closings. It is important to make sure you received the complete package in a timely manner. Every HOA is different, however, and it may be difficult to contact them quickly. Association Online can get the resale certificate for you and make sure it is complete according to Texas HOA requirements. In some cases, a single property may belong to multiple HOAs. If this is the case, rest assured that we will provide the necessary paperwork for each HOA.

The fees for a TREC form (also known as the Texas Resale Certificate) can be high, making it hard for title companies to manage their out-of-pocket limits. Association Online can get the Texas resale certificate for you and manage the upfront payments. We can even carry those fees to close!

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Who Needs a Resale Certificate?

If you or a client of yours is looking to purchase a home in a Texas HOA, then you’ll need to procure a resale certificate for closing. Traditionally, the seller is obligated to provide the resale package when a purchase contract is signed. Title companies, however, often assist sellers by ordering the documents required for closing and passing the cost to the seller. Fees associated with obtaining these documents vary from HOA to HOA; it could be difficult to estimate their cost upfront, especially if the HOA isn’t easy to communicate with. The experts at Association Online can ensure you have all the necessary documents.

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Why You Need This Document

Resale certificates contain useful information for the buyer regarding the financial overview of the HOA, whether the seller owes any money to the HOA, and financial information regarding the property, such as whether or not money is due for HOA violations. It will also inform the buyer about the specifics regarding the HOA, such as whether it is undergoing any litigation, the funds the HOA has in reserves, and all future expenditures that are expected for the year.

Resale certificates also contain state-specific information regarding Texas real estate laws.

All in all, this document is incredibly important for real estate closings because it provides information any buyer would want to know. Create a free account today and request your Texas Resale Certificate, or contact us with any questions.

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How AO Can Help

Association Online has specialized in gathering important documents for real estate closings, and HOAs in Texas and nationwide since 2010. We can guarantee an accurate resale certificate with a $1,000,000 E&O insurance policy. If there are multiple HOAs on your property, we’ll uncover each additional association and order the resale certificate package from each of those, too! We will always look over your resale certificate to ensure that it is complete and contains all necessary information needed for closing.

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