The importance of a lien search on property records

Florida ranks first in the top five states with the highest balances from unrecorded liens on utilities, codes and permits, and taxes. In 2019, Association Online uncovered $364,169.68 in unpaid water utilities in Florida alone. 

Lien searches in Florida tend to have the highest costs for acquiring this information, and each municipality has different requirements for obtaining a lien search on a property, adding time as a costly requirement for researching and performing a lien search in Florida. Association Online has the experience and the rapport with Florida municipalities to complete a lien search quickly at the lowest cost for your real estate closing.

Why use AO for your lien search in Florida?

Association Online makes every lien search in Florida easy and cost efficient— take five minutes to enter your request on our website and we’ll do the rest. We’ll identify all the utilities, account balances, and relevant contact information for the utility providers. We’ll confirm the correct jurisdiction and provide you with all information about the additional documents required for closing. And if you want, we can get those documents for you, too!

AO won’t just find and report the liens and unpaid balances. We’ll also find the instructions and necessary contact information to resolve the issue and return your property to a clean title. If we find a lien or balance on the property that exceeds $1,000 or your specified amount, we’ll contact you immediately, so you have a heads up.

What could put a lien on my property?

Unpaid utility balances

Open and expired permits

Open code violations accruing high fines and fees

Unpaid taxes

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