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Helping title companies, real estate agents, and homeowners get the closing docs they need

Obtain all the HOA information and documentation needed for a successful close in one location. Our ability to locate HOA’s and gather important documentation such as property liens, status letters, account ledgers, and more; quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively has helped us become a major partner for real estate-related companies for [number of years AO has been in business]. Learn more about what we can do for you and what an account with Association Online can bring to your organization.

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Title Companies

Utilize our research and database to locate all community associations relevant to a given address. We can obtain status letters (resale certificates/estoppels), HOA documents, HOA account ledgers, property liens, and utility payoffs—quickly and simply anywhere in the nation.

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We help you assemble and deliver the document package required for your upcoming home sale. We ensure the document package meets your state’s disclosure requirements, with our product guarantee.

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HOA Managers

Save time and simplify the HOA management and governance process with Association Online. Our proprietary software enables managers and board members to meet their responsibilities in a timely fashion with convenience and simplicity. AO helps your HOA to become efficient, minimize cost and enjoy the benefits of better time and resource management.

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Service Industry

Association Online serves the entire real estate market, providing pertinent HOA data and property services to all customer groups, in a manner that meets each customer's pressing needs.

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Featured Blog: HOA Documents Needed For Closing Your Home in Colorado

Selling your home is very exciting, but also one of the most stressful ordeals to go through. In addition to gathering financial information, having appraisals done, packing up an entire house, and having every duck in a row by closing, there are so many documents required at closing...

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