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At Association Online, we work with thousands of homeowners, managers, boards of directors, and others involved in HOA-related matters, across the nation. When they encounter a challenge, we are often the party contacted for assistance. We are uniquely positioned to assist the real estate industry in solving the complex problems that arise with Homeowners Associations.

If you are experiencing a challenge with an HOA property, and you believe your HOA's state laws might have been violated, you may report your experience to your state's attorney general, and complete AO's HOA Experience Report.

We do not have a governing authority and are not offering mediation to remedy any issues. However, we are often asked of those with such authority to provide insight into HOA activities and trends. We will include your report, according to your preferences, in our responses.

HOA Experience Report


"They truly stepped up with the COVID rush and met all expectations. They have killed it."

- Casey Medina, Chicago Title
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“We have found the service to be a key marketing tool as well as an essential organizational tool. Association Online has significantly increased our productivity due to fewer phone calls and document requests”

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