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Self-Managing HOAs


Association OnlineTM makes fulfilling your responsibilities as a volunteer board member of a self-managed HOA, easy. Most volunteers find it extremely difficult to meet the responsibilities of oversight given the other demands in their lives. Managing the oversight processes of following violation procedures, making lien filings, and communicating properly not only is important to the health of the homeowners association, but can carry legal liability if not handled properly. As well, responding to disclosure requirements and quickly and accurately reporting resale certificates (esoppels/status letters) are highly sensitive to accuracy and timeliness, and can carry significant legal implications if a real estate transaction is hindered by blunders. 

Get the professional support and information needed to succeed in your board member roles. Our service simplifies and automates the oversight process, helping you manage the HOA like a pro, while minimizing your time commitment, all at a very affordable price.



Enjoy the benefits of utilizing AO’s online system:

•    Save time and money, and eliminate phone calls – Members easily access association documents and notifications; real estate agents and lenders get what they need directly from the site without requiring your assistance.

•    Easily manage the hard stuff with covenant violations, liens, and group e-mail software features.

•    Rest assured you can meet your legal requirements of response and disclosure – the software enables the way.

•    Rely on Status Letter and Lender Questionnaire notifications, since you aren't always available to receive a phone or fax request. Fulfill these requests online in a snap.

Contact AO today and let our online systems allow you to get back to living a stress free lifestyle.